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Angular JS Training Training Overview

Angular JS  training in indore | AMU Solutions

AMU Solutions Leading Training institute in Indore to learn Angular JS Training practically.
AMU Solutions has developed a highly specialized corporate training programme.The course is handled by experienced PHP and Angular JS Training developers.

Angular JS Training Course Details

Introduction of Angular2.0

Why we use angular 2.0

Diference between angular1.0 and angular 2.0

Introduction of Node.js

What is NPM

Before Angular2.0 you now basic concepts of typesctip

Typescript(Angular2 Development Typescript)

  • Overview of typescript
  • Difference between javascript and typescript
  • Compile and excute typescript program.
  • Typescript syntex
  • Variable, Datatype, Operator
  • Control statements using typescript
  • Function, array, string, union

Typescript using object oriented

Classes and object define using typescript

Constructor, Inheritence , Interface


Introduction of Angular2.0

Basic Sturcture of Angular2.0

What is Modules Angular2.0

Define Components

Templates in Angular2.0

What is Metadata

Data Binding in Angular2.0

First Program of Angular2.0

User Input in Angular2.0

Forms in Angular2.0

Services in Angular2.0

Directives in Angular2.0

Dependency Injuction in Angular2.0

Making a Template using Angular2.0