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Codeigniter Course Details


  • Introduction of OOPS
  • What is MVC
  • Introduction of Codeigniter
  • How to Install Codeigniter
  • Describe the Controller, Model, View
  • Working with Form Library And Helpers
  • Modifying the Controller and View
  • The System application folder
  • Creating a Static Pages using Codeigniter
  • Initial Configuration in config.php, database.php, routes.php
  • How to apply Image , Jquery, JavaScript and Css in Codeigniter
  • Describe the base_url() and site_url() function
  • Connection between Controller and View
  • Database Integration in Codeigniter
  • Create the Modle
  • Connection between Model, View and Controller
  • Inserting a record in Database using Codeigniter
  • Fetching a record from Database using Codeigniter
  • Delete a record from Database using Codeigniter
  • Update a record from Database using Codeigniter
  • Session in Codeigniter
  • How to set and get the Session in Codeigniter
  • File Uploading using Codeigniter
  • How to insert a image and fetch the image from database in Codeigniter
  • Email using Codeigniter
  • Pagignation Class
  • HTML Table Class
  • Cookie using Codeigniter
  • Javascript Classes
  • Form Validation in Codeigniter
  • XML – RPC Class

A Live Project Using Codeigniter