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PHP Course Details


  • The Origin of PHP
  • Difference between Client – Server Relation
  • Static and Dynamic website
  • Introduction of Wamp and Xamp Server
  • Understand the importance php.ini file
  • Understand the basic root folder(www)

PHP Basic Syntax

  • Define PHP script
  • PHP Opening and Closing Tag
  • Describe echo() and print() function
  • Difference between echo and print function
  • Types of error in PHP

PHP Data Type and Variable

  • Data Type in PHP : (integer,string,float,array)
  • Define PHP Constant and Variable
  • Rules for declaring PHP variable
  • var_dump() function
  • Password encryption and decryption process

PHP Operator

  • PHP Arithmetic Operator
  • PHP Assignment Operator
  • PHP Relational Operator
  • PHP increment and decrement Operator
  • PHP Logical Operator
  • PHP Ternary Operator

Control Structures

  • If(), else if() and else if condition Statement
  • Nested if()
  • Using the for() loop
  • Using the while() loop
  • Using the do-while() loop
  • Nested loop
  • PHP Switch Case


  • What is a function
  • Creating a function
  • Returning value from function
  • User-defined functions
  • Dynamic function calls
  • Variable scope
  • Accessing variable with the global statement
  • Function calls with the static statement
  • Setting default values for arguments
  • Passing arguments to a function by value
  • Passing arguments to a function by reference


  • What is an Array
  • Types of Array
  • Indexing Array
  • Associative Array
  • Accessing Array
  • Looping through an indexing array
  • Looping through an Associative array
  • Single Dimensional Array
  • Two D Array
  • Multi Dimensional Array
  • Merging Array
  • Testing an array by using print_r() function
  • Array Predefined function
  • Describe foreach() loop

String Manipulation

  • How to handle single quote(‘’) and double quote(“”)
  • String function
  • Strrstr(), stristr(), strops(),
  • Strcmp(), strpbrk() and many more .

PHP Super Global Array

  • $_REQUEST[]
  • $_POST[]
  • $_GET[]

Basic HTML Tags

  • Html Introduction
  • Html Editors
  • Html Basic Structure
  • Html Element and Arrtibute
  • Html Heading, Paragraph, Link, Images, List, Table, Style.

HTML Forms

  • Html Forms Introduction
  • Forms Element
  • Form Input Types and Attribute

Classes and Objects

  • Object oriented concepts
  • Define a class
  • Class attributes
  • An Object
  • Creating an object
  • Object properties
  • Object methods
  • Object constructors and destructors
  • Class constants
  • Static method
  • Class inheritance
  • Abstract classes
  • Final keyword
  • Implementing Interface
  • Object serialization
  • Understanding Advance and New
  • Checking for class and method existence

Introduction To Database

  • What is RDBMS technology?
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Connecting to the MYSQL
  • Selecting a database
  • Adding data to a table
  • Displaying returned data on Web pages
  • Finding the number of rows
  • Looping through database
  • Inserting data
  • Deleting data
  • Entering and updating data
  • Executing multiple queries
  • Understanding Primary and Foreign Keys
  • Understanding Database Normalization
  • Dealing with Dates and Times
  • Join Types


  • What is Session and why it’s required.
  • Initialization of Session with session_start() function
  • Define session_id() function
  • Describe $_SESSION[] global Array
  • How to set and get the session
  • PHP session_destroy() function
  • PHP unset() function
  • Retrieving PHP Session Variable Data
  • What is Cookie?
  • Initialization of Cookie Variable
  • set_cookie() function with different attribute
  • Cookie set and retrieve process
  • Difference between Session and Cookie

Advance PHP Techniques

File Uploading

  • What is File uploading
  • How to File Upload in Folder using PHP
  • How to insert the image in database
  • Retrieving Image from Database
  • Element of file
  • Downloading a file

JavaScript and Jquery

  • Introduction to JavaScript and Jquery
  • Form validation using JavaScript and Jquery
  • Email validation using JavaScript and Jquery


  • Introduction to XML.
  • Create a XML file using PHP
  • Accessing a XML file Data using PHP


  • Introduction to JSON.
  • Describe json_encode(),json_decode(),json_last_error()
  • how to parse json in jquery
  • json to array php

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

  • Introduction to AJAX
  • Introduction to XMLHttpRequest Object
  • Method and Properties of XMLHttpRequest
  • Application of AJAX in web application
  • Google search using Ajax
  • Create Image Gallery using Ajax

PDO (PHP Data Objects)

  • Introduction to PDO
  • Database connection with pdo
  • Query a Database(insert,fetch,delete,update)
  • Prepared Statements
  • Error Handling


  • Email Sending with PHP
  • SMTP setting

Introduction about FTP

  • File Upload and Download form Server

Web Services

  • What is a Web Services
  • How to create WebServices
  • Introduction of SOAP
  • Introduction of XML-RPC

Frame Work

  • Basic Concepts of Framework(MVC)
  • Basic Concept of Code Igniter


  • Introduction of Wordpress
  • Live Project of Wordpress

OsCommerce (Open Source Shopping Cart)

  • Introduction to Shopping Cart
  • Introduction to osCommerce opensource
  • Discussion of various module of osCommerce
  • Working with PHP Live Project (included MVC)